The Ranch Style House Appeals To Many Home Buyers

Ranch Style Houses first made their appearance in the real estate market in the 1920s. This style shot to popularity in the 1950s-1970s. It is also commonly referred to as a Rambler. By either title, it is so named for its spaciousness and typically larger lot it sits upon. The term Ranch Style House brings to mind, in most peoples’ visions, wide-open spaces indoors and outdoors. The floor plans of this architecture style deliver in these areas. As opposed to many styles of homes that are square, the Rancher is typically rectangular. This is a single-story dwelling although in the midwest you will often find, as with most houses in that geographical local, basements. This style of home is appealing to all age groups.

Features of a Ranch Style House 

This style of home is a single-story. Without a staircase taking up floor space, it allows for a more open living area. It is very appealing that the bedrooms are removed from the busy living areas. A formal living room and/or dining room often separates the bedrooms from the busy kitchen and den areas of the home. This is beneficial when putting the children down for the night while continuing to entertain. Also, sometimes people just need a little peace and quiet to relax and recharge. These homes allow that getaway for self care. Additional features of these homes are:

  1. Decorative windows such as french doors and bay windows also are often found in this architecture and add to the overall charm of the house. Even if simple pane glass, ample windows are found in this style.
  2. An attached garage is almost always a must-have feature of the Rancher. This adds convenience whether you come home with your arms full of children or groceries. The clothes washer and dryer are sometimes found in the garage space.
  3. No matter what part of the country you find yourself in, a fireplace is a reoccurring and welcomed sight in these homes.
  4. Patio space is found on these properties where you can make a retreat any time of the day.
  5. Popular in colder climates as opposed to the southwest part of the country, a solarium is the peaceful space to go to year-round in your home. Often found off the master bedroom it can also be an enclosed back patio.

Benefits of Buying a Ranch Style House

A house is a lifetime investment. You will hopefully grow old in your home. The day will come when you appreciate not having to climb stairs throughout the day. It is medically easier to stay in a single-story home with your memories.

A single-story home is more affordable. What you would have saved on building costs, you will spend on the mark-up for the more sought after two-story home. As well, a single-story home is more energy efficient.

All household chores can be done in essentially the same area. You can easily keep an eye on the stove and the kids, Balancing the checkbook, folding laundry, ironing, or any number of other tasks that can be done without stopping what you are doing and running upstairs to check on the kids. No need to lug a vacuum or laundry up and downstairs.

If the time comes to expand, it is easier to add on to a single-story house. Maybe your needs arise for mother-in-law quarters or a casita for extra income as a monthly rental. Although some of these spaces are built completely separate from the main dwelling, others are attached to the main house while providing a private entrance.

Maintenance is easier on a single-story home. All those windows are much easier to reach than on a two-story home. Also, when it is time to clean the gutters, the lower the better. Accessing the roof or repairing the walls or painting the exterior is a simpler task on a single-story home.