Apartment & Home Rentals

Apartment and home rentals are similar but different. Apartments are typically rather small and may be in large complexes, with many units in the same building. Individual units are usually only one story but may be two. Houses are usually defined as being a single-family, detached and independent structure. Most houses have yards and a lot more space.

Renting a house or an apartment is not uncommon in today's economy, especially for young people just starting out, people who cannot afford to buy or people who are not planning on living in an area long-term.

Important Considerations

The first thing anyone should do when deciding whether to rent or not should be to weigh the pros and cons of renting vs. buying. In some cases, buying simply is not financially feasible. In others, someone might not wish to buy a piece of property because they do not expect to be living in the area long. These are good reasons to seek out a rental.

When deciding whether to rent a house or an apartment, some important things perspective renters should consider include the amount of space needed as well as the cost. Location is also an important factor, as an apartment complex might be closer to a desired area of living than the nearest available house for rent. Other things to consider include expenses such as renter's insurance and what utilities are covered in the rent.

Based on Income Apartments

As mentioned above, income can often come into play when deciding if renting or buying is a better choice. There are apartment programs that will help to subsidize the rent amount. These are often called section 8 housing, but the key is that these rentals are based on a person’s income.

Top 3 Listing Websites

There are many popular real estate listing websites, although most specialize in the buyers market. However, there are some that are specifically for rentals, or at least list rentals in addition to properties for sale. Below is an overview of three of the top listing websites perspective renters should use when searching for a place to live.

Zillow is one of the premier real estate listing sites, and while they specialize more in listing homes, they list apartments for rent as well. Zillow also has real estate agent listings too, which allow perspective renters to get in contact with an experienced agent to find the right rental property. Another helpful feature of Zillow is their informative articles about real estate. Perspective renters can find a lot of useful and credible information in Zillow's guides, making it a nice site that provides a lot of comprehensive information to renters and buyers alike.

Apartments.com is simply one of the largest listing sites out there for rentals. The site has comprehensive filters that help perspective renters find the exact kind of rental they are looking for. For example, searches can be narrowed down by factors including the allowance of pets, military housing and senior housing. There are also filters for amenities the property provides, including everything from dishwashers to Wi-Fi. They also list condos, townhomes and even single-family homes.

Craigslist may not be as prestigious as the other two entries on this list, but the amount of clout Craigslist has in the property rental business is significant. Because listings are free in most areas of the US, Craigslist provides an opportunity for smaller, private property owners, compared to large management firms, to post available rentals online. Craigslist comes with the added benefit of being an excellent source for finding roommates, if desired.

Final Thoughts

The rental of apartments or houses is one of the most basic and common forms of property rental in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people do it every year. As long as perspective renters know the important considerations they should keep in mind and the best listing sites to find available rentals, the process is often a smooth one.