Land Surveying

Land surveying involves mapping and measuring of any property using specialized equipment, technology as well as mathematics. Surveyors play a huge role in land survey and development, right from land subdivision through to landscaping, utilities, and construction of roads.

They also work in close collaboration with experts in the field of planning, geology, architecture, and engineering to ensure that proper mapping is achieved. The measurements taken by the surveyors are used by engineers and architects in designing buildings that are easy to construct and are in line with the landscape.

Factors to Consider

Hiring a land survey company is crucial, not only handling land dispute cases but also in the purchase of the property. Also, there is need to conduct land surveying when undertaking projects such as gas or oil drilling. That said, settling on the right firm will not only save you time and money, but it can help in mitigating different legal problems that might arise in the future. Here are some of the key factors to consider:


This is one of the key considerations when it comes to hiring a land surveying company. You shouldn't just assume that a company is licensed, but it is imperative that you spare time to ensure that this is the case. Additionally, keep in mind that despite the land survey firms being licensed, they still vary in regards to the quality of service and professionalism.

This means that you should be keen in ensuring that the company you settle for offers services that meet the industry standards.


The land surveying companies to be selected should take advantage of the latest technology, especially when it comes to the surveying equipment used. This is important since it ensures that the survey doesn't have to be repeated and that it's accurate. Among the key tools used by surveyors include the global positioning and laser based equipment.


Before buying any property, it's important to understand the lay of the land. Surveyors can conduct a survey of the land, and this not only provides important details that can be applicable in many ways but it gives an accurate depiction of your plot.

Enables the owners to understand the topology

Land surveying is necessary given that property owners can have a better understanding of their land topographical details. What's more, the survey can detect structural and soil issues as well as determine whether the area is prone to flooding.

Ensures accurate boundaries

The land survey provides accurate results, especially when setting out boundaries. This will not only save you the trouble of being a victim of property line disputes, but it also helps you to better plan and manage the construction teams during future developments.


Land surveys are prone to fraud

Sometimes people tend to be greedy when it comes to land ownership, and such individuals might tend to seek the help of surveyors to map land out of their boundary.


Surveys aren't free and in many cases they only confirm what you already knew.