Keep Your Home Looking Fresh With These Great Design Trends

Your home is your castle as they say. How you design your home is an extension of your personality. Is your home warm and inviting? Is your home laid out logically with crisp lines? Perhaps your home is a touch eccentric and exciting? No matter what kind of home, you have a wide variety of style options. 

Trends for home furnishings can come and go. It can be exciting to change the look of your home when some new trends come out. If you’re considering a redesign, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take much to swap out some furniture or alter some paint colors. If you’re thinking it’s time for a change, why not try out some of the ideas and trends that follow. They could brighten up your home and have you feeling excited to be inside! 

Kitchen Trends

When it comes to a home, the kitchen is almost always the heart of it. People spend more time in the kitchen than they realize! People want the kitchen to look its best while still being functional. Arguably the biggest trend today in kitchen design has little to do with design, but with improving the intelligence. Smart kitchens are incredibly popular. Lighting, Refrigerators, sinks, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers are all featuring excellent technology. 

Cabinet trends are finally moving back toward darker colors. While white and the lightest colors have been popular lately, the move to dark stains and colors offers an interesting change. That being said, quartz is still completely in style. Quartz countertops are just so good looking and so useful! When it comes to floors, hardwood is still the most popular option. However, the increasingly impressive advances in ceramic has ensured hardwood has some competition. 

Bathroom Trends

Much like in kitchens, Black is making a comeback in bathrooms. Grey has been very popular, but black bathroom fixtures and furniture are popular once again. Matte finishes add an extra stylistic touch. 

For people with no interest in black, vintage styles are also quite popular. This means brass and gold fixtures, mirror borders and lighting features. Unlike brass of the past, this is far warmer and inviting to the room. 

For people who aren’t particularly interested in the gold and brass look, but enjoy warmth, wood accents are becoming popular in bathrooms again. Wood accents are incredibly versatile. They can work with almost any color and they work with vintage, modern and industrial looks. 

Living Room Trends

The living room needs to be a place of relaxation. Couches and chairs need to be comfortable. Colors need to be warm and inviting. Style is important, but not the only important thing. The first thing that people often need to consider is the colors they use in their living room. Currently, purple is one of the hottest colors out there. Multiple shades of purple in furniture, art, or on walls looks incredible. The same can be said for greys. The neutral color palette of grey isn’t just for floors and walls. Matching grey walls and grey couches can be a fantastic look. 

Exposed wood and dark wood is incredibly popular right now. The wood look extends to the living room. Accent and end tables work well in wood panels. Coffee tables also look great. Wood paneling and exposed wood can make a roof look wonderful. 

For accessorizing, metals are incredibly popular. This includes brass, gold, steel and other looks. These decorative pieces as well as furniture. Shelves are common. Glass top tables featuring a lot of beneath are popular. Metal lamps are good looking as well!