There's a Style of Anklet That Can Go With Any Outfit

Do you need a versatile accessory that can go with any outfit? How about something that shows off your impressive shoes and wonderful legs? Any yes answer to these questions suggest that the anklet is a perfect choice. They are easy to wear, and they don't get in your way when you're on the move. Plus, they come in many different styles - from simple bands to more intricate designs. As more and more people try to find a newer and more interesting style out loud, the anklet is becoming much more popular than it has in the past. This is only likely to continue as people find cute anklets in various styles. This article will focus on these styles. There’s a surprisingly large number of them that can be found in an anklet. 

1 - Chain Anklets

Chain anklets are one of the most popular types of anklets. They usually feature a thin metal band with interlocking links and small charms, such as hearts or spades. These anklets come in many different colors and styles, so you can precisely choose something that suits your personality and style.

Chain anklets are suitable for wearing with pants because they will stay hidden under your clothes. If you want an accessory that will go undetected, then this is the kind of anklet for you. The chains usually come in metal like silver or gold, but some come in plastic too. Choose a chain anklet based on how okay the links are and how much metal is in the chain.

2 - Lace Anklets

Since lace anklets are usually made of more delicate material, they can be worn with shorts or skirts. For a casual footwear style, wear lace anklets with sandals or slides. For a dressier look, combine your lace anklet with strappy heels and a dress. This style of the anklet is very versatile and easy to wear.

Lace anklets are often made of cotton or nylon. Nylon lace anklets are the most durable. Cotton lace anklets tend to stretch out over time, so it's best to choose a nylon or metal anklet if you want something that will last a long time. You should also look for lace anklets that come in your favorite color - black, white, red, blue, and green are all standard colors for this type of accessory.

3 - Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets are usually made of plastic or glass beads in bright colors. They often come with metal accents like chains, charms, or clasps, so there is no need for additional jewelry along with your beaded anklet. Beads vary in size, too - the larger the dot, the dressier your anklet will look.

Beaded anklets are suitable for casual outfits because they go well with sandals, flats, or athletic shoes. However, you can also rock your beaded anklet with heels or wedges for a lovely evening look.

4 - Crystal Anklets

Crystal anklets are similar to beaded anklets, except they usually have a more significant number of smaller beads. These ankle bracelets tend to attract more attention because there's so much going on with the jewelry. Crystal anklets come in many different styles, too, like coin and heart shapes.

For formal outfits, pair your crystal anklet with pumps or sandals. For a casual look, wear it with slides or sandals. You can even get creative and mix your crystal anklets with other styles of anklets, including chain and lace!

5 - Layered Anklets

Layered anklets are perfect for adding some flair to your style. They come in simple metals like gold or silver, and they usually have charms dangling from them. Depending on the design of your layered anklet, you can either wear it with sandals or heels - remember that more dangly charms will get in the way when you're wearing heels. Layered anklets are great for casual outfits because they go well with flats, sandals, and athletic shoes. They also look good with formal styles like pumps or wedges. If you want to shake things up, try layering two different types of anklets together for a fun, unique style.

6 - Leather Anklets

Leather anklets are trendy and stylish accessories. They come in a variety of colors to match your shoes and outfits. If you want an accessory that's low maintenance, leather is the way to go. You can buy leather anklets in black, brown or white. To keep your leather anklets looking fresh, wipe them with a damp cloth when needed. Leather anklets are suitable for casual outfits because they fit well with sandals, slides, and athletic shoes. They also look great with dressier styles of footwear like wedges and heels. Just make sure your footwear isn't too heavy - leather anklets are thin, so they can't take a lot of weight.