Storage Rental Services

Movers and storage unit owners have always had a close relationship, but few are a combined service. Regardless, people need this combined service more than ever because, when storage and moving are involved, it is usually due to someone downsizing their home or moving to a region outside of their current one. Whether you are moving into an assisted living facility, relocating overseas for a job, are an active duty member of the military or reserves or are moving from a house to an apartment, combined moving and storage services are right for you. To get a better idea of how a moving and storage company can help you meet your goals with economical solutions, take a look at the outline below.

Most of the time, storage unit services and moving contractors are two independent operations. However, when a company makes a commitment to moving and storing, there are often unique benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, it is common for storage companies with movers to offer a discount rate. This means you are not paying extra for professional moving services and going through all the same steps a second time around to pay service fees for a storage unit. Plus, there is less involvement on the customer's part when the storage unit and movers are already working together under the same umbrella company. Depending on your situation, not needing to coordinate between the storage unit and the movers could help you significantly.

Unique situations that need moving and storage rental services

Unfortunately, life events can drastically change the type of housing you need, and you may not be able to move or store items yourself. For example, if you suddenly become ill and need to move into an assisted living facility, you might not have the time or resources to have all of your possessions boxed up and temporarily placed in storage indefinitely. This can also be a helpful solution if you have a relative that lives out of town and they suddenly need you to help them coordinate moving closer to the city you live in.

Advantages to professional storage versus a shed

If you are considering placing long-term storage in someone's garage or a shed, you may not want to do it for very long. Eventually, a storage unit that is not monitored and temperature-controlled will cause the items being stored to deteriorate. One other major issue that often happens in long-term storage situations outside of professional services is pest control issues. Fortunately, most storage unit facilities have 24-hour monitoring with CCTV services and ensure pest control is enforced. This means you know your items are being stored safely, securely and are not bothering someone else.

What to expect when you move items into storage

One of the main expectations you should have of any moving and storage unit combined services is transparent pricing. Along with their list of prices for services, there should be clear language about any sub-charges. For example, if you are charged because your items are heavier than expected, you need to know about this before you are charged. To see if they are the type of company where everyone follows the rules, check online for their reviews and listings. Most modern moving companies with storage unit facilities will have an online bill pay system that makes it convenient for you to pay with a credit card. They will often have monthly or annual payment options, and almost all of these services have limited-liability insurance in case your items are damaged by a flood or fire.