Landscaping Trends Can Improve The Look Of Your Home

People put untold time into decorating the interior of their homes. However, in many cases not nearly as much time and effort is put into the landscaping around the home as well. Your landscaping can provide the same sort of comfort and appeal that your interior does. In fact, your landscaping is seen by anyone who is passing your home and can be the first impression that people have of you. 

Landscaping goes through trends like any other design discipline. What’s fashionable one year can age poorly and need to be replaced. Current trends for landscaping tend toward relaxation and providing happiness. Some of these trends may be great ideas for your own landscaping! You just need to give them a try! 

1 - Turn Structure Into Showpieces

Depending on your backyard, there’s a good chance that you have some sort of structure that is necessary. It could be a shed, pool equipment box or something else. Rather than allowing them to be an eyesore, try turning them into the highlight of the garden! You can use salvaged materials to try and create a rustic or antique look. Add some iron antiques for additional mystique. A showpiece structure can be something to work off in landscaping plans. 

2 - Create a Secluded Place

For people with larger gardens, there’s nothing stopping the idea of a smaller hidden space within them. These can be wonderful quiet places where a chair or two can be set up and the perfect place to read a book on a nice day. Secluded areas are also fantastic for mediation. It should be surrounded by lush plants. Taller shrubs or trees can be used as a privacy screen. A nice addition is a water fixture of some type. A small fountain can provide a reassuring set of sounds for the area. 

3 - Low Maintenance 

It may not sound like a normal type of trend, but many landscapers have been choosing items that will provide ease of maintenance. You can spend more time enjoying your gardens than you spend fixing them. Choosing plants that will return year after year can make it even easier. Grouping those plants by their water requirements is a good choice as well. This can ensure you don’t waste extra time watering. Irrigation systems will do a lot of the work that could be done maintenance wise. When designing walkways, decks and other high traffic items, only use high quality materials that will last for a long time. 

4 - First Impressions Count

The first impression you get home every day is something you should want to enjoy. The front yard may not get as much time spent in it as the backyard. However, that means it can be more decorative and impactful! Scented plants along the main path can add an extra sense to enjoy. Some extra lighting touches are also a great option and add an extra ambience to your walkway. Color coordination is also helpful. Choose plants or flowers that work with the front door! 

5 - Grow Some Food!

Certainly, growing vegetables and fruits is not a new idea when it comes to a garden. The ability to grow your own food doesn’t need to be limited to huge gardens or acres of land! There are plenty of ornamental edible plants that can look great as well as stand out. Vertical planters can let you have a beautiful herb garden with a minimum of fuss! You can also place hangers just outside of kitchen windows. This makes it easy to harvest your tasty treats. Try with a simple pot on the back porch with a vegetable of your choice to start out and expand from there!