Is a New Build Subdivision The Right Choice For You?

There are so many decisions to make while deciding where you want to live and what kind of home you think you’re ready for. Many people opt to buy a home someone is currently living in and selling. The other option is to purchase new construction. New construction usually takes place in a subdivision in a second of a city or town that’s been purchased just for this construction. People can choose the style of home they want from the manufacturer, then watch as it’s built just for them. Customization is often easy and results in a nearly perfect home. In the end, choosing a new build can quite simply come down to preference. If you want something distinctly unique and new, then it may be the way to go! 

Benefits of Choosing a New Construction Build

There’s plenty of reasons that choosing a new construction build is a good choice. The most obvious is already in the name. It’s a new build. This means that it hasn’t been damaged by previous occupants, or potentially absorbed one of the many awful odors that some people place into their home. Aside from the new nature of a property, some of the other benefits include: 

  • Customization - On most new builds, there are plenty of ways to customize the home plans that are available. Rooms can become extra bathrooms, bedrooms, storage, etc. Extra features like bay windows or extra sliding glass doors can be added as well. Essentially, a new build should fit in every single detail and need you may have for the home. 
  • New Technology - This can be one place where money is saved. New homes take advantage of newer technology and items placed inside tend to be far more energy efficient. Better insulation and sealing means less heat is lost. More efficient appliances, heating and cooling systems take less resources. It’s often easy to be as much as 30% more energy efficient than homes previously built and lived in. 
  • Lower Maintenance Costs - More than a few people have purchased a home and felt regret thanks to the high maintenance costs they ended up dealing with. New homes have less items break down. Also, a new home warranty can often mean that any defects are repaired cost free. 

Downsides of a New Construction Build

While the benefits of getting a new construction build may seem overwhelming, there’s certainly some disadvantages as well. They should all be considered before a decision is made. In fact, the disadvantages should be the more important consideration. If they can be overcome, then a new construction build is perfect. 

  • Different Builders - There are some great home builders out there. However, that’s not always the case. Some builds are not properly planned or funded. This can result in a large amount of inferior homes being built. Timelines can also be missed, resulting in the need of a hotel for a few months while the buyer just has to sit and wait. 
  • Initial Pricing - A new construction build can be very expensive. Prices may be higher than an equivalent home that’s already been built. Usually it may be about 20% more expensive. Also, many of the customization options can come with expensive increases in a new home build. 
  • No Negotiation - Many people love the ability to haggle and find an excellent deal. Buying a home from someone below value can be a fantastic coup. Unfortunately, with a new build in a subdivision, the price is typically the price and that’s all there is to it.