Your Condo Will Look Great With These Decorating Tips

Decorating a condo can be more difficult than decorating a home. There’s typically less room in a condo, so you need to take more factors into consideration. It’s crucial to consider how everything will fit together with one another, since there’s rarely extra rooms to try different things. No matter what kind of personal style you have, there’s a wide variety of things you can do to try to make your condo an extension of your personality and a comfortable place to stay. 

Some people love to decorate. Others find it to be troublesome and difficult. In the end, everyone does want their condo to look great though. If decorating is something that’s hard for you, why not try some of these tips? They can help a condo space become truly yours and what you always wanted! 

1 - Remember That Size Matters

When it comes to a condo, you want to provide illusions of additional room and space. There’s a number of different things that can be done to do this. Dark wood can give an impression of space. Using furniture that’s creatively designed and can be recessed into areas means more open space. In many cases, “rooms” will be subdivided into sections. A living room and a workspace can share a room quite easily for example. 

2 - Choose a Focal Point

In many cases, decorating a condo needs to start from one important focal point and expand outwards. The focal point can be any sort of showpiece item. It can be a well designed fireplace, or a gorgeous sofa. Some people may choose to create something like a feature wall. A focal point is especially important for condos which feature more open concepts since the design aspects will affect the entire area and be seen from anywhere. 

3 - Create a Dressing Area

It’s possible that the condo will lack a lot of room in the washroom and adequate closet space. It’s often easy to create a small dressing area in the bedroom. Some low depth shelving or dressers can flank a small chair and desk/shelf. Placing a mirror over it means there’s plenty of room for makeup, accessories and jewelry. Depending on the placement of your bed, you can actually use it to break up the bedroom and create a dividing wall. This creates an additional space for the condo. 

4 - Paint Your Ceilings! 

Many people leave their ceilings standard colors. If it’s possible, painting your ceilings a dark color or black can really provide the illusion that a condo is much bigger than it’s expected to be. This is especially try in the bedroom. The danger can be that dark colors can reduce the amount of light available. Countering this is relatively easy though. Place some mirrors behind a bed or behind a couch in the living room to increase the light available. 

5 - Figure Out Your Kitchen

The Kitchen can be one of the hardest things to decorate in a condo. You need to determine just how much you’re going to be using it. If you’re someone who loves to cook and does it frequently, you’ll want your appliances front and center. If you’re not someone who cooks often and enjoys takeout, then you can hide them behind louvred doors for the appearance of more room! If counter space is an issue, there are many islands available which can also convert into a dining table. This additional flexibility is useful. 

6 - Doors Can Be A Statement

For many people, the doors are the boring necessities in a condo. However, graphic images and the ability to get items custom printed have made doors a great way to make a statement. If you're feeling especially impressive, you can get custom printed glass. A cheaper alternative is some custom wallpaper that is designed to place your image onto the doors in question.