Temporary Housing Services

When moving by choice or when work responsibilities require you to relocate, you'll need temporary housing services for accommodation before your new home is ready for occupation. Temporary housing bridges the gap between arrival at the new location and finding a permanent residence which is suitable and comfortable.

Any move needs to be planned adequately because the interval between arriving and finding a suitable residence can span from days to months. There are usually three main options for families or even individuals seeking temporary housing services: rental apartments, regular hotels and extended-stay hotels or resorts.

Extended Stay Hotels

An extended stay is perfect for people who need a place to stay but not enough to pay for rental housing. The stay provides a home-like environment especially for people who have children. The extended stay hotels have laundry facilities and full-kitchens. These studios don't ask guests to pay for utilities or sign leases even though they are fully furnished.

Regular Hotels

People who need a temporary place to stay for a day or two as they probably wait for their belongings to arrive should consider a regular hotel. The regular hotel has amenities such as spa, swimming pool, housing-keeping, and restaurants. Although the regular hotel is comfortable, it can be very expensive to people who choose to extend their stays and perhaps affect the moving budget dramatically.

Rental Apartments

If you don't have some permanent residence lined up in the near future or plan to stay for several months, then rental apartments are the most economical option. Renting can also be a good option when moving to a new area because it gives an individual an opportunity to explore the neighborhood and choose the best location to buy a home. Rental apartments require people to pay utilities, telephone, and cable TV service.

Regardless of whether an individual is being assisted by a relocation service provider or is moving on his or her own, it's prudent to get answers to the following questions:

  • What is the most suitable temporary housing?
  • How much will the temporary housing cost?
  • If children are coming along, what is the best location for their schooling?
  • What necessary amenities will be required?
  • Are there any relocation benefits if the company will be paying for the move?

Housing Market Challenges

It's advisable to conduct some quick research on search engines about the tight housing markets in certain locations before moving. For example, temporary housing services that provide extended stay hotels can be appropriate for people who are moving to metropolitan areas with limited housing options and accommodation prices are at premium.

However, people who need a rental apartment temporary housing should target newer properties whose owners are in need of cash flow because they are probably sitting on mortgages and negotiate a short term lease. It's wise to be flexible in considering other potential neighborhoods, especially if commuting won't be a big issue so as to get an affordable property that suits the predetermined budget.