There's Several Things To Consider When You Rent a Basement Apartment

Renting an apartment is an exciting way to take a step forward in life. Plenty of options exist, and you'll have the ability to choose the one that's right for you. As you're looking over advertisements and checking out listings in person, you may come across some basement apartments. In some ways, basement apartments are just like any other type of apartment. In other important ways, however, this type of rental is different and requires special considerations. You'll need to think about whether or not, for example, you are okay with living in a basement. You will also need to take some other factors into consideration. In fact, you may wish to speak with someone who has lived in a basement apartment before or who currently lives in. Doing so can give you insider knowledge as to what renting a basement apart might be like if you choose to do so. The article will focus on the factors that need to be considered before accepting a basement apartment rental. 

1 - Evaluate the Noise Level

A basement apartment means you are going to be living underneath someone. The floor above you might be home to a family with children, a couple, multiple other renters or a single person. Chances are that you are going to hear some noise as the residents above you walk across the floor. What you want to determine is how much sound you can expect to hear. A family with young children running across the floor, for example, is likely to produce more noise than a medical school student renting an apartment due to its proximity to their institution.

2 - See the Sunlight

As you're exploring basement apartment rentals, take note of how much sunlight gets into the space. Of course, whether or not sunlight matters much to you is a note of personal preference. You might even prefer a darker living space. Even when you have a preference for the dark, do keep in mind that the lack of sunlight might make the space feel colder during the winter months. After all, you won't have sunlight coming in to warm up the rooms.

3 - Gauge the Temperature

It's possible that a basement apartment will feel colder than the other spaces of the house. Of course, this element depends upon the heating system. However, you have probably had the experience of going into a basement and realizing that the rooms felt colder than the rooms upstairs did. On a positive note, you may not need to turn the air conditioner on as much in the summer months.

4 - Research and ensure legality

Some areas are known for having numerous illegal apartments, and these apartments are often found in basements. Make sure that the apartment is legal so that you don't end up having to move out unexpectedly. You should also pay attention to the structures in the basement. For example, you want to ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are legally allowed. Imagine the upheaval in your life if you found out that one of these rooms had to be removed. It’s also important to ensure there’s proper emergency evacuation avenues from the basement if needed. 

5 - Remember the Steps

A basement apartment almost certainly means that you will need to climb up or down the stairs each time that you leave from or return to your home. These stairs might be located on the exterior of the house, or you might enter through a door in the house and then go down the stairs. If mobility is an issue, a basement apartment might not be the right move for you. You could possibly look into spaces with elevators or ramps.

6 - Security Measures

Living in a basement apartment might make you question the security. Look into alarm systems that are specifically designed for renters. You may decide to put bars on the windows as well. With this element, you really need to take into account what you are personally comfortable with and how safe of a neighborhood you are living in.

7 - Space

Some basements are quite large. However, in many cases, the basement is the floor of the house that has the least living space. You might be fine with a smaller space though. A small space decorated in a beautiful style can make for a cozy dwelling. Make sure that the actual space you will have is enough, and that the ceilings are high enough for your needs.