New Homes & Custom Homes

The dream of every individual is to own a home at some stage of their life. Owning a home in economic difficulties is not a walk in the park. It entails proper planning and saving a lot of money to guarantee the project will be a success. Many individuals ask what is challenging and different about acquiring a new home? Custom Homes is a community of homes constructed based on a collection of floor plans each with a limited arrangement of personalization options to meet each unique family needs. A customized home is a one of a kind house specifically designed for a specific client in a particular location. Such homes are designed from plans created by professional home designers or architects. Custom homes provide clients with opportunities to control design, structure layout, building accessibility and lot side. New homes are brand new homesteads that have never been lived in before. Acquiring a new home is a bit different from purchasing a previously owned home. It is undeniably precarious for new home buyers or custom home buyers to know exactly what they want and can afford based on their debts, credit score and income before committing to purchasing the property.

Important Considerations

1. Consider the location of the home.

Your home should be located in a safer environment. You should be worried about the security of your new home more than anything else. It's everyone’s dream to live in a more secure environment with minimal interference from noise, thieves or any form of disruption that will make you feel threatened. You should prioritize buying a home that is easily accessible by road for easy movement in and out. It should be close to public and private facilities such as schools for your children, medical services, and recreational facilities.

2. Consider working with experienced professionals.

Working with experienced practitioners in the real estate business ensures you buy a substantial home that will give you value for your money. You should utilize the services of a licensed home inspector to inspect the home you want to buy. Thorough inspections may isolate problems that could possibly end up becoming expensive repairs in the future. Home inspectors furthermore know the accurate valuations of homes hence prevents the sellers from exploiting your ignorance in this field. Most new and custom homes usually have problems. Hiring the services of a professional inspector guarantees everything is safe and up to code. Inspection agents should investigate and explain the inspection process and your legal rights a new home buyer.

3. Consider buying a home you can afford financially.

Purchasing a home has a significant impact on your financial muscles, you should make sure you can handle it. The process involves a lot of upfront and unforeseen costs that should be budgeted for. You should work with a budget that ensures smooth flow throughout the process to make it a success. Ensures you have enough funds before committing to buying the home to prevent repossession of the property.

4. Consider signing an agreement and transferring the home to your name.

You should ensure all paper work is done, negotiations and agreement are written and signed into contract. Since verbal conversations are not binding, every important aspect of all process must be put in writing and signed by all parties ensuring the paperwork security of your home.

Pros of buying new and custom homes:

Acquiring a new and custom home allows your home to become a reality with some significant benefits over purchasing an older existing home. The advantages of buying new home and custom homes include:

  • Customization - New and custom homes can easily be customized to fit your family needs at a lesser price. You can easily personalize your home structural design to fit your appliances and property owned.
  • Less maintenance - New homes and custom homes come with peace of mind without the stress of frequent maintenance since all of the items are new.
  • It minimizes utility bills - Most modern building materials are more energy efficient hence will save you on the monthly utility bills.

Cons of buying a new home and custom home:

  • Location - Most of the new and custom homes are located far from the city centers in most undeveloped land. You have to deal with the long drives to and from the major towns and cities.
  • Cost - New and customs homes typically cost more than resales. The customizations add extra expenses to your budget.
  • Landscape - New homes usually lack mature landscaping. Street and lots clearing often take time to develop. The lawns and homestead gardens may take longer to grow and will require owner upkeep into fullness.