Your Style of Loungewear Needs To Have Every Important Garment

Wearing comfortable clothes is a must while at home but not every piece of sleepwear or pajamas is actually considered loungewear. Clothes meant to be worn while sleeping or resting are often called sleepwear while loungewear includes the comfort garments that are worn around the home while relaxing. Loungewear can be worn outside or inside the house and is often more comfortable, sturdy and form-fitting to the body than sleepwear which is typically loose. While resting during the weekend or daily after work, it's essential to have quality loungewear that eases the aches of the day and provides relaxing comfort.

There are a number of loungewear garments and outfit ideas that should be considered when putting together an outfit for a calm day resting at home. From sweatpants to comfortable bras, each piece of clothing for the day's lounging outfit is important to consider in order to ensure the fit is soft and ready to be worn for the entire day.

1 - Comfy pants

Sweatpants, joggers and shorts are all great loungewear options for a relaxing day. Stretchy, loose bottoms that don't restrict or suffocate the waist and legs are best. While these garments can be worn during a relaxing afternoon at home alone, they can also be layered or matched with a proper top or shoes to make them presentable for errands or outside work around the house. Bottoms with elastic waistbands, plenty of legroom and soft inner linings are great options to consider for loungewear. Jeans or other restrictive clothing types are not ideal for loungewear and are better suited to just outside work or when there are bigger plans later in the day.

2 - Robes

Sometimes assembling a full outfit can be difficult or tiresome, and luckily robes cover a lot of ground without having to put on every garment. While the image of the puffy bathrobe is often the trademark image that comes to mind, there are many different forms of robes that can be used around the home. Thick cotton robes are great for colder days while kimono or silk robes are better for housework because of their comfortability and effortless lack of body restrictions. Robes are great when matched with comfy pants and can be used for cleaning up around the home or doing some quick yardwork.

3 - Bras

While many may not want to or have to wear a bra with their loungewear, it's still important to know what style to wear to maximize comfort in case leaving the home or wearing one is necessary. Any bra worn with loungewear should be soft and flexible, providing support without pinching or squeezing the skin. A couple great options to consider when choosing one from the wardrobe would be bralettes or soft cup bras. Push-ups should absolutely not be worn with loungewear or any other lifting, squeezing or itching bras. Focus on garments that when worn feel as if they're not even there.

4 - Tank tops or camisoles

Made of soft and gentle fabrics that cling to the skin, tank tops and camisoles can be perfectly matched with sweatpants or shorts to create a comfortable ensemble that feels light and airy. These garments can also be used in place of wearing a bra and are often less restrictive. Tank tops and camisoles leave the arms free and are great for summer afternoons at home, basking in the rays coming in through the open window. Paired with proper bottoms and shoes, tank tops are great tops to run errands in while remaining cool and comfortable during the day.

5 - Oversized t-shirts

T-shirts are great for a number of occasions and serve as one of the most comfortable clothing items people can wear today. They work great with shorts or sweatpants and serve to complete the look without restricting or irritating the body or skin. T-shirts can be worn as loungewear while watching a movie, sleepwear before bed, casual clothes to run errands in and even as a great garment for appointments. Versatile and soft, most people have at least a few t-shirts in their closets that would work wonderfully in their loungewear outfit.