Everyone Can Make Use of Their Favorite Underwear

If there was ever a golden age of underwear, you could argue we are currently in it. You might be rolling your eyes right now because your last pairs were not that great, but think about it. There are so many styles, fits, and fabrics that you can choose. If you are willing to look around and pay the price, you can find the perfect underwear every time for your outfit or just your comfort overall.

Do you already know what your favorite underwear style is? If you do, that’s awesome! Read on to affirm your style and maybe for inspiration when you are in the mood to try something new. On the other hand, if you are kind of “meh” about your underwear and are not exactly sure of your favorite, maybe you just need to branch out and reconsider everything different underwear styles have to offer. Here is a list of some of the most preferred looks and how they can be an asset to almost every bottom.

1 - Boxers/ Boxer Shorts

These comfortable drawers are mainly of a loose design. Support is not their intended purpose, but they excel in breathability. For the men, some boxers come with an open fly. However, it is not unheard of for women to lounge in boxer shorts now and then. Boxer shorts are fun in part because they provide so much real estate to display cute, sassy, or nerdy designs. They are perfect for a cozy day at home with your partner, dividing your time between chilling (or working) on the couch and trips to the kitchen.

2 - Briefs

Underwear sellers make briefs in all types and sizes for men and women. These are the quintessential items you think about when someone says "underwear" - probably because they are just so versatile and comfortable. These provide a lot of coverage in both the front and back, and you can choose the height that works best for you, be it low-rise, mid-rise, or full-rise. Underwear brands most often sell briefs made of microfiber, nylon, or cotton fabrics.

3 - Boxer Briefs

As the name implies, boxer briefs combine the best of both worlds between boxers and briefs. Like boxers, you get a lot of coverage - all the way down to mid-thigh. However, like briefs, they are snug and can come with a higher waistband. This underwear can especially be great for working out as they help prevent chafing. Silky soft materials glide over each other, producing next to no friction. Many boxer briefs are stretchy, and thus they hug your body supportively and flexibly, staying with you as you move without much slippage.

4 - Hipsters

These undies show a bit more cheek than your average briefs and have wider cut leg holes as well, for a more shapely and seductive look. The top band sits on the hips so that the overall effect is hipsters become a more discreet, lighter kind of underwear. Get them in cotton, mesh, lace, or microfiber. They are equally ideal for staying at ease all day in your favorite jeans or feeling sexy standing in front of the mirror.

5 - Thongs

If you want to 100% eliminate panty lines, thongs will come to your rescue. Designers have created these with the most minimal coverage possible in mind, and they deliver. Thongs sit below the hips, with the narrow sides only just resting on the hip bone. The fabric covering the crotch area wanes to just a string attaching behind, making them all but invisible in tight dresses or pants. Slip these on for a party, a night out, or a bit of fun at home.

6 - Boy Shorts

Makers of boy shorts intended them as women's underwear, but they used men's briefs as inspiration. They are longer than most other women's underwear, hence the "shorts" look, but still far shorter than any boxer-style undies. These have total cheek coverage, and the leg openings stop just slightly down the thigh. Wearers typically choose boy shorts for comfort over looks. For that reason, the material of choice for boy shorts tends to be cotton, nylon, or microfiber.

7 - Bikinis

Like the thong, bikini-style waistbands situate below the hips, yet they offer a lot more coverage. These only show a little cheek but also have higher cut leg holes similar to hipsters. You can get them in a "string bikini" style with tied strings on the sides for extra fun and flair. Casual but cute, these make for a good everyday pair of underwear, yet they are fancy enough for special occasions. Bikinis make you feel like you are at the beach but without all the sand.