Lingerie Is Available In So Many Fun Styles

Of all the clothing a woman wears, one of the essential items is lingerie. It is not only for beauty reasons but also for comfort and hygiene. Lingerie wants to be pretty and feminine, but not too overtly sexual. It should be elegant and straightforward, arousing and refined. It should invite the eye to linger. Color is essential because lingerie must bring emotion to the table without words or motion. Lingerie is an art that sustains desire through endless opposition of modesty and suggestion, teasing and pleasing. It ranges from full-length gowns and dresses to underwear and foundation garments such as bras and camisoles. The lingerie industry is vast and varied. There are women of all ages and sizes who will spend thousands on lingerie. Lingerie is purchased for a variety of different reasons according to an individual need. Some women wear lingerie to feel pretty, while others wear it to sweat in. Lingerie also has an economic value. It is often desirable because it comes at a price point that's significantly higher than other clothing items. 

1 - Bodysuit

A bodysuit extends from the shoulders to the hips, with a crotch closure. Some bodysuits can be worn as a top over pants or skirts without having to be tucked in. Bodysuits provide breast support as well as shaping and smoothing. The fabric can range from lace to sheer to everything in between; hence someone can choose something cute. Teddies, like bodysuits, are lingerie pieces. Many teddies include plunging necklines or are made of sensual materials such as lace.

2 - See-through Lingerie

See-through lingerie is a lighter, more breathable alternative to satin lingerie. Almost every lingerie design imaginable is available in a sheer variant, from babydolls to bustiers. Petite to plus-size underwear is available in see-through styles. See-through pieces don't have to be provocative, even if they can be tempting. For further coverage, many versions mix lace or other textiles. As a result, many see-through lingerie options can easily be worn as outerwear.

3 - Tap pants

Tap pants are a type of underwear for ladies that looks like French knickers. As the name implies, they are a form of shorts that cover the pelvic area and the upper section of the upper legs. Satin, silk, lace, rayon and cotton are the most common materials used in tap pants. Tap pants resemble track shorts in appearance, provide flexibility of movement, and in a pinch can function as an outer garment. That being said, they are typically used as underwear or leisurewear.

4 -  Babydoll

A babydoll is a women's nightgown or negligee that is short, sleeveless, and loose-fitting. It may have cleavage-enhancing shaped cups called a bralette, as well as a connected, loose-fitting skirt that falls between the belly button and upper thigh. Lace, ruffles, marabou, bows, and ribbons are frequently used as embellishments, with spaghetti straps as an option. It's sometimes fashioned with sheer or translucent materials like nylon, chiffon, or silk.

5 - Corset

A corset is a garment meant to hold and form the torso into a desired shape, generally a smaller waist or larger bottom, for beauty or medical reasons for the length of wearing it or with a longer-lasting impact or to support the breasts. Both men and women wear corsets; however, they were once a staple of women's clothing.

6 - Bodystocking

A bodystocking is a one-piece skin-tight garment covering a person's chest, legs, and sometimes arms. This is a lingerie or foundation piece typically fashioned from a translucent fabric like stockings, pantyhose, fishnet, lace, an opaque material, or a combination of these materials. This underwear is worn by entertainers such as belly dancers and exotic dancers. They are designed to be exposed but not overly revealing.

7 - Bustier

A bustier is a form-fitting lingerie piece for ladies. Its primary function is to shape the waist while gently pushing up the bust by tightening against the upper belly, forcing the breasts up. Alternatively, it is worn as a camisole for outerwear or a push-up bra under a low-back dress. The bustier can be worn as a half-slip under sheer upper clothing if a bold exhibition is not desired.