Make Sure You Get These Amenities In Any Place You Rent

Renting a place can afford a lot of benefits for a person. From avoiding long-term mortgage commitments to not having to worry about household maintenance, renting can be just what a person needs. However, not all rentals are created equal. While the theory that one gets what they pay for holds true for a lot of things, sometimes it's not always accurate when it comes to rentals. Some rental units will come with some great amenities that will enhance one's quality of life for the same rate as a smaller apartment with fewer amenities. It's all about determining what amenities a person wants and what their budget is. When getting ready to start the rental search, it's vital that one sits down and determines what they're looking for. The basics include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the desired price range. Apart from the basics, one should look for the following amenities to ensure they love their new rental unit.

1 - Flexible Pet Policies

There's nothing worse than being in a new place for a couple of months and realizing that the lease agreement doesn't allow one to get a pet. Rentals that offer flexible pet policies are a must. Even if one isn't planning to get a pet right away, it's always nice to have the option available. Time changes things. Whether it's meeting a new partner who has pets or turning a new leaf to expand one's furry family, having options is a must.

2 - Outdoor Area

People desire to spend more time outdoors than in past decades. Therefore, outdoor areas for any rental units are must-have amenities. It doesn't matter if it's a porch or a patio. Tenants just like to have an area where they can enjoy the great outdoors. Ideally, it's great to have a private outdoor area for a single rental unit. However, a place that offers outdoor areas for the complex is a plus in any renter's book.

3 - Parking

Parking is a priceless amenity to have. Even if one hasn't invested in a car yet, it doesn't mean they won't in the future. Having the option of a place to park is a must-have amenity. For those who don't think they need parking, consider this. One can rent the parking space for a good chunk of change each month. If they decide to purchase a car at a later date, they have a safe place to keep it.

4 - Washer / Dryer

There's absolutely nothing worse than having to wait for one's clothes at a community laundromat. It's no fun to have to package up one's clothes and carry them across the hall or down the street. Instead, looking for a rental unit that offers a washer and dryer is a must. This will save the tenant a ton of valuable time and effort when it comes to washing their clothes. Plus, they won't have to have a bunch of change lying around to pay for their washing.

5 - Air Conditioning

Gone are the days of living without air conditioning. As we all get more used to having a comfortable setting in the hot summer months, we need to look for rental units that offer built-in air conditioning. No longer should one fumble around with fitting window air conditioning units into their rental. Rather, they should opt for finding a rental that has centralized air conditioning that can be controlled via a thermostat. This is a common offering for many rental units across the country.

6 - Hardwood Flooring

One may not take the flooring into too high of consideration when choosing a rental unit, but they really should. Having a unit that offers hardwood flooring is a great way to ensure that one is protected against potential damage that could lose their security deposit. Carpeting allows for staining, and many rental companies will require one to have carpets professionally cleaned when they move out. With hardwood flooring, one never has to worry about paying for professional cleaning jobs. They can simply use a broom and dry mop to make the hardwood flooring appear brand new.