The Rustic Beauty of the Log Home Is Hard to Match

While log homes were once considered to be a rustic construction, new construction options and kits are bringing log homes into the 21st century in exciting ways! To keep your new log home both open and structurally sound, carefully review your square footage needs. If your family is growing, make sure you have the space for the necessary bedrooms and bathroom availability. If you're building your retirement home, a one-story log home with multiple interior posts to keep your ridge beams sturdy and strong could give you all the space you need for a wonderful home that will be easy for you to manage as you age. One thing that’s undeniable is that modern log homes provide the rustic good looks of the past with some modern convenience. 

Modern Benefits of Log Homes

If you love the look of an open-concept home design, a log home will suit you perfectly! Many of these home plans include open rafters above each room. With this open air design process, you can enjoy the movement of air and light through the whole space. While the traditional design choices inside a log home have often tended to bulky or cast iron fixtures, there are many modern touches that you can add to your space to keep things streamlined if you prefer a lighter design touch.

In addition to open air, you will love the simple colors and wood tones available on the interior of your space. Because many log home sales are now sold in package kits, you can enjoy a fully sealed, completely weather-tight home with gorgeous logs as the basis of your interior design choices. Many window construction options for these home styles offer a deep sill and a well-built, energy efficient window. Even better, because your home will likely be found outside the city, privacy concerns will be low. You may need window coverings to reduce light bleed, but you may not need layers of blinds or curtains for privacy.

Finding Log Homes for Sale

If you need a log home that's already constructed, be prepared to look outside the city limits of the region in which you want or need to live. Log homes are often built on larger pieces of land than are generally found inside the city; the rustic look of the exterior of a log home lends itself to a larger lot.

For those who are able and willing to relocate, look for a realtor who specializes in rural homes. Not only can this give you a wide variety of sizes, both in houses and lots, but a rural home purchase can give you a great deal on your mortgage payments if you live in an area covered by the USDA.

Having a Log Home Built

For those having a home built, a log home project can be purchased in a kit style once you choose your design. To be sure that your home and yard are eventually exactly what you want, make sure that your home is placed for effective drainage. Because these homes feature lots of square corners, you will carefully want to review your planting goals to keep drainage concerns front and center in siting the home.

Finally, remember that these homes tend to come to your lot as a kit. Moving large loads of logs around will be extremely heavy. If you plan a lush, green yard that slopes from the house down to the road, be ready to have the site graded once the house is built. Don't put effort or cash into the lawn until the heavy moving equipment is gone and your home is complete. Once the grass is fully established, look for trees that will shade your windows on the hottest summer days to keep your open air log home as cool as possible on the hottest days.