Sandals Are More Than Just a Great Look For Summer

During the summer season, there's nothing better than the sensation of freeing your feet from suffocating leather shoes and heavy woolen socks. It's an incredible pleasure that most people can relate to as the breeze caresses their toes whenever they slip into a pair of lightweight sandals and step outside.
Of course, other summer footwear options are available, including espadrilles, canvas sneakers, or driving shoes. They provide a carefree alternative to the sturdy boots and brogues people rely on during winter, as they don't require socks. However, when the temperature rises, and you need to find the perfect spot to soak up the sun, a good pair of sandals offers unmatched breathability and comfort.
So, if you are shopping for the perfect footwear to beat the scorching summer sun, look no further than a pair of sandals. But are you aware that sandals are more than just a fashion statement? In addition to enhancing your foot health and overall well-being, sandals offer several benefits beyond their great style. Read on to discover why sandals are the ideal summer footwear option.

Styles of Sandals

Sandals come in a wide variety of styles, each with its unique features and benefits. Here are the most popular styles of sandals in the market:

  • Neutral - These sandals are perfect for everyday wear, as they have a flat sole and a simple design that complements any outfit without drawing too much attention. While you may feel like you wear them too often, they are reliable and practical.
  • The Fishermen Sandal - The fisherman sandal has been around for centuries, and it's famous for providing a secure and comfortable fit for their daily tasks. It also has a distinctive design, featuring a closed toe and heel and a series of straps that cross around the ankle and over the foot.
  • Flip Flops - Although the fashion industry once ignored these sandals, they have returned over the last few years. Adding a splash of color to flip-flops has made them trendy again.
  • Slides - Whether you're off to the beach or running errands, these sandals are effortless to slip on. They also complement sundresses and shorts. While most designer brands offer their versions with prominent logos, there are also reasonably-priced alternatives.
  • The Classic Buckle - The classic buckle sandal has a simple and timeless design. A sturdy strap that fastens around the ankle with a buckle characterizes it. Thanks to its timeless and versatile nature, all fashion-savvy individuals should have the classic buckle sandal in their wardrobe.
  • The Lace-up - The lace-up sandal is a phenomenal summer shoe with its sophisticated lacing system and chic design. The sandal is available in different styles and materials, including daring stiletto heels and lace-up flats. It can also match any outfit and allow you to express your style, thanks to its many patterns and colors, like bold prints and classic neutrals.

Best Retailers for Sandals

Several retailers offer a wide selection of sandals, and here is an overview of some of the best in the industry:

  • Amazon - Amazon has a vast selection of sandals from various brands at different prices to suit every customer's needs. They also offer easy return policies and budget-friendly shipping.
  • Zappos - This retailer is famous for its limitless supply of adult and kids' sandals in different sizes and styles. Zappos is a great place to start if you want to search for sandals from a vast selection.
  • Nordstrom - While Nordstrom is famous for selling several products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and beauty items, their sandals collection is quite extensive. It offers shoppers a diverse range of options that cater to both budget-friendly and high-end preferences. So, if you're seeking a diverse range of affordable and designer sandal styles, Nordstrom's selection is worth exploring.
  • DSW - DSW is a highly convenient option for sandals shopping as they have many styles and sizes in different price ranges. The store also offers sandals from well-known designer brands such as Steve Madden and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Revolve - Revolve offers many famous brands, including Cult Gaia and Dr. Martens. It is worth noting that Revolve's sale section features numerous products from these brands and more, all of which have affordable prices.
  • Target - Target is an excellent destination for fashion-conscious shoppers on a tight budget. They offer a wide selection of affordable yet stylish sandal options from in-house brands like A New Day, Shade & Shore, Wild Fable, and Universal Thread. Thus, you should look out for Target if you want cute and trendy sandals without breaking the bank.