Use These Tips To Make Packing Less of a Chore

One of the most time-consuming tasks to complete when it comes to moving is packing up all your personal belonging. Whether you're packing up your shoes or are wrapping your glassware and placing it in moving boxes, it can require a lot of time and energy to complete the process before you relocate. You may find it difficult to have the motivation to pack up your entire home or struggle to find the time. Some people may feel overwhelmed by the number of items they have to pack up before the moving truck arrives.

It's important to have the right tools and supplies on hand to ensure you have what you need to increase your productivity. Packing may also include getting help from other people to avoid enduring the process alone. Although there's no easy way around packing, there are still ways to make it fun and more efficient to ensure you're ready for the moving day.

1 - Declutter Each Room

One of the main reasons it can take so long to pack up each room in the building is because of how many items you may have accumulated over the past few years. You may have drawers stuffed with clothes or closets packed to the brim with board games and blankets. Before you start the packing process, start by decluttering anything to avoid transporting items you may not need in your new home.

Start by creating a pile of items you want to keep, donate, or sell. Empty out each drawer, shelf, and closet and put everything in a pile to ensure you can physically hold it and decide if you want it or not. Everything you want to keep can go directly into the moving boxes.

2 - Invite Friends to Help

Packing everything on your own can make the process take several days or weeks longer than it needs to when you're getting ready to move. Consider making a party out of it and inviting your friends and family members over to help. Order a few pizzas, put some music on, and designate different rooms for each person who agrees to help. It can also be an easier process if you hire a pet sitter who can watch your dogs or cats, which will allow you to avoid distractions or messes throughout the process.

3 - Enjoy Entertainment

You don't have to stare at the wall as you pack up each room in your home. Consider enjoying a bit of entertainment as you pack to ensure you can have fun, which will make it feel like less of a chore. Consider putting your favorite movie on the TV once you start packing or play your favorite music. Choose upbeat and uplifting tunes to keep you moving at a steady pace and feeling positive throughout the process. You can also listen to a podcast as you move around throughout the house or listen to a comedy special if you want a few laughs.

4 - Set a Timer

One of the main reasons packing can take so long is because it can be easy to become distracted by different things along the way. You may start to look at family photos you find when you start to pack up your desk, or you may begin to try on a few clothes when unloading your bedroom closet.

Stay on track and avoid losing your momentum by setting a timer as you work. Consider setting a timer for each room you choose to pack to ensure you have some accountability with the progress you make.

5 - Organize Your Packing Supplies

It can be easy to become frustrated with packing if you don't have everything you need on hand. Before you start the process, have everything you need within reach, which includes the moving boxes, scissors, tape, and labels. You should also have plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap within reach to ensure you can work at a quicker pace without having to dig for what you need in other areas of the house. You can also use clothes you need to pack to wrap fragile and breakable items to save time and money.