Each Style of Dress Seems To Have Their Own Unique Beauty

Wearing a dress makes people feel special. For some, it adds an air of sophistication. When someone can create their own sense of style with a new addition to their wardrobe, it can help expand their look. The addition of that new dress gives so many other options for the other clothing. Suddenly, options appear. A whole new look emerges and a feeling of joy begins. Maybe it's the change of season, but those little things make dressing up fun. It's so much better than that feeling of having nothing to wear. Each style of dress has its own qualities. When they combine together, it creates a masterpiece for the senses. It's unique, and allows the wardrobe to reflect a deeper sense of personal style. Simple changes, and a few nice dresses can make all the difference. When accessories combine with one of these, it feels like the options are limitless. Midi, Sheath, and the Pencil dress offers enhanced style with variety. Consider them as the year brings the need to expand the wardrobe. Since this year has been one of caution, when it's time to get out and about with style, check these dresses for some inspiration.

1 - Ulla Johnson, Andromeda Midi:

Reminiscent of the nineties, the Ulla Johnson Andromeda Midi is an incredible addition to any outdated wardrobe. It's sleek, and form fitting, yet flows. The muted tones allow it to pair with anything in the closet, for an amazing look. It feels like one dress that becomes several looks with a simple change of the accessories and scarves. When adding a drop necklace, consider a stopwatch necklace, as the amazing choice from Tiffany's. It adds an air of complete sophistication. Alone, it works well too. Just add a pair of boots under for the cooler days. When combined with a formal winter coat, it looks so stunning. The exotic zebra stripes on the dress give it a special feeling. The long sleeves make it a nice, warm choice on those cold days. It is $795 at most retail locations. This is one to consider adding to any wardrobe for Autumn.

2 - BOSS Dirusa Sheath Dress:

When looking for that everything look, the BOSS Dirusa Sheath Dress is an instant classic for any wardrobe. This is the perfect work dress for business. When someone adds a special pair of heels, some pearls and a wrap, it instantly becomes a stunning evening dress. The dress is form fitting, and made of virgin wool, it has a sleek interior for a smooth fit. Made in Portugal, it creates an air of intent. When a person wears this selection, they convey that they mean business. It's elegant and versatile. Adding other pieces to the look creates an entirely new feel to the day. Since it's black, it is the go-to dress for all somber events that require a certain decorum. When it's paired with a pair of patent black heels, it is reminiscent of how Jackie Kennedy used to dress. It costs $445 at all the best dress retailers.

3 - Grace Karin Pencil Dress

The Grace Karin Store Pencil Dress, comes with a slick belt. As a throw-back to the fifties, this form fitting pencil dress is stunning. It's the perfect office dress for a professional look. It screams, “I'm in charge.” When combined with a scarf and nice pair of heels, the look softens a bit. Since it's navy blue, it works with any style of outfit desired. The pencil dress originally appeared in Paris. It first emerged to help women handle high winds. It's so tight that it doesn't move at all in the wind. This little number not only adds style to the wardrobe, it also adds the ability to wear it in windy weather. Remember that when you head out looking like a person that gets things done. It's available for $217 at all dress shops that carry the Grace Karin line. It's also available in tan, and cotton flower blue.