From Casual to Elegant, the Necklace Offers Great Versatility

One of the first adornments worn by humans is necklaces. These pieces have a long history in human culture and are not just for decoration anymore. These days they serve many different purposes. These days they are used as symbols to show status or wealth with precious metals and stones attached to them.

A necklace can be an elegant way to showcase your style. A band, chain, or cord wrapping around the neck and attaching to additional attachments suspended into it is most common in precious metals like gold-plated, silver-tone, and stainless steel options for those who want color throughout their wardrobe.

When you wear an item of sacred spiritual significance, many people believe the energy your body transfers to this object can heal or protect you. There are many different types and styles for these symbols, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Best Source Materials For a Beautiful Necklace

There’s many different materials that can be chosen to make a nice necklace. The type of material tends to influence where it’s worn. 

  • Gold or Silver - Gold necklaces come in all shapes and sizes because it's not just about the weight. You want something stylish too! Silver is also famous for its timeless look that will never go out of fashion even though trends change every year. A gold necklace could symbolize wealth or power, depending on who made it. However, if you want a less ostentatious piece, silver would be better suited. This metal has been around since ancient times, making it solid yet elegant.
  • Leather - Leather necklaces can make a statement and are one of the most robust necklace materials out there! Leather has many different widths, textures, and colors to choose from for any type or style. Make your leather piece even more special by adding pendants with charms that match what you're wearing on top.
  • Beads - For 3,500 years, people have been using beads to make jewelry. Today's charm version is made from plastic or some acrylic. It can come in other materials such as metal or wood, sometimes with gems for extra shine! There are also really tiny ones called seed beads which add an interesting texture when working on small projects like bracelets.
  • Pearls - What comes to mind when you think of a pearl necklace? Is it class, sophistication, and elegance? These are all words that describe this elegant accessory perfectly! Pearls have consistently delivered an airy yet grounded feel for any outfit they grace from the texture and weightlessness.

Popular Necklace Styles

There’s a lot of beautiful styles of necklaces that can be chosen as well. Some of these include: 

  • Initial Necklaces - With Instagram influencers and celebrities alike wearing necklaces that say their name, initials are becoming more popular than ever. As a result, designers are coming up with creative ways you can express your style.
  • Diamond Necklaces - Diamond necklaces are classic and never go out of style. You can wear them with anything, from your favorite t-shirt to a cocktail dress, to make your outfit complete.
  • Lariat and Y-Drop Necklaces - Lariat necklaces are the perfect accessory for every occasion. They come in varying lengths, with some being just long enough to drape over your chest when paired up nicely with a v-neckline or longer shirtwaist style blouses.
  • Disc Necklaces - There are so many options for pendants and necklaces, but the best part is that you can layer them for an effortless yet pulled-together look.
  • Beaded Necklaces - With colorful jewelry and beaded necklaces in every color of the rainbow, this year's fashion week was sure to inspire any style palate. From statement pieces like chokers with rhinestones or stones encrusted around them that catch everyone's eye all over social media.
  • Link Necklaces - From the paperclip necklace styles to chunky chains, link necklaces have been one of fashion's most popular accessories in 2021.